Incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia in 1975, the AHOABC was formed by a dozen or so Austin-Healey enthusiasts in the Greater Vancouver area. The club now has about 80 members and is an active participant in the network of Austin-Healey clubs around the world.

The club's purpose is "to promote the preservation and enjoyment of Austin-Healeys in the manner for which they were intended". Members take great pleasure in the fellowship they enjoy with other fans of the marque, and in their associations with members of other clubs around the world
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Are you travelling to the Vancouver B.C., Canada area and would like to meet some AHOABC members. Email us  at :
We will do our best  to arrange for you to meet up with some of our members and show you around
Austin-Healey Owners Association of British Columbia
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Walter Cronkite and the Austin Healey
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