Don Manning meets Director Hans van de Kerkhof
Donald Healeys personal car used by him  for 10 years
One of the real Austin Healey 4000
rear of the Healey 4000
This is not an Austin engine!
Interior of the Healey 4000
Some other types of Healeys
Only 6 feet long
Donald Healeys desk
Some of the original artwork
More artwork
More artwork
some of Donalds Healeys earlier creations
Other items for sale
Some of the awards won by Donald Healey
The original BN3 discovered by Rick Regan
The original BN3
The BN3 as found by Rick Regan
Rick with the BN3 after recovering it.
The Stichting Healey Museum
Country Estate ”Groot Kantwijk”, Bergseweg 28q, 3633 AK Vreeland, The Netherlands.
The Healey Museum is the only Museum in the world dedicated to Donald Healey and the products of his vision and ingenuity. It has an extensive collection of virtually all Austin Healeys as well as some of Donald Healey's earlier creations.
It has several interesting pint sized Healeys as well as a large amount of documents and drawings from the time of the creation of the first Austin Healey.
The museum boasts a store selling many Healey related items.
Of note is the partially restored BN3 on display. This car was one of the first 6 cyl cars and was achiieved by wedging a 6 cylinder engine in a 100(4). The BN4 undoubtedly evolved from this car.This car was discovered rusting away in a field in Ontario in the early 80's by Rick Regan. The Museum decided not to complete the restoration but show it in it's semi completed restorative condition.
It is well worth a visit.
Address and other info is available at the healeymuseum link (above).
It is a little awkward to get to and a GPS is highly recommended.